Sandra's Gourmet Kitchen

Gourmet Food Company

Usul Design has helped companies from around the globe launch brands, products and services. Sandra’s Gourmet Kitchen is one such example, a small company based in Trinidad & Tobago specializing in sweet and savory pastries. After building local popularity, they require a brand identity and complimenting packaging to attract the new retail markets they were entering. Usul Design took a deep look into the rich, cultural diversity of the island and understood that the targeted audience responded well to colorful and rich imagery. Thus we created packaging that would appeal to the market and distinguish products while maintaining uniformity.





“When you define a product’s placement on a consumer’s hierarchy of needs, you can then create design solutions based on sound strategy.”

Donald Walker, Chief Brand Strategist, Usul Design
The typical grocery market shelf is a competitive space where several products compete to catch the eye of a passing customer. We understood the design needed to communicate essential messaging in the blink of an eye. Thus we created informative packaging presented in a fun yet sophisticated appearance, regardless if the product placement was stacked or upright.