Leira takes its name from a small city in northern Uganda, adding an e to the spelling to represent the excellence of their superior organic products. They source raw materials from various regions of the African continent such as East African Shea Butter, Moroccan Argan Oil, South African Chia Oil and others. What began as a task to produce packaging design, turned into a whole rebranding process. Leira was in dire need of a look to match the quality of their product line as well as to express the wholesome values and origins of the company and its founders. Through a process of research and strategy workshops with the client, 3 elements surfaced for a theme: Luxury, Organic and Heritage. The uniqueness of this brand is that it is native owned and operated. Thus we drew inspiration from the amazing Ugandan Bantu handwoven baskets. This served as the foundation for the Leira crest and accenting pattern, in order to aid the branding theme.






“Usul Design has exceeded beyond our expectations and given the soul of who we are an identity”

Pamela Grace, CEO of Leira


Brand Strategy

Usul Design


After assessing Leira's competitive marketplace, it became apparent that Leira needed a look to stand apart from their competitors. Being a native owned company, we felt it was important to make this a part of the brand’s message since the organic market is a community of conscientious consumers.